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 About the Companies section *READ BEFORE YOU POST*

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PostSubject: About the Companies section *READ BEFORE YOU POST*   Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:05 pm

Welcome to the companies section, this is where you will find updates from the companies on this forum. In this thread is a few guidelines for posting in this section.

Please don't post in this section unless you have a company that you have put a lot of effort into.
When you post in this section you well get honest feedback, that can be both positive and negative.

Creating your first company thread:
When you post a company thread people will be judging what you present and you can't expect them to be as stoked as you are.

Before you post your thread, make sure that you are ready to do so.
Here are a few things to check before you post:

- Do you have a product? No one wants to read a company thread if there is no product.
- Do you have pictures of your product? Again, people will want some proof that you actually have something to offer
- Is your product ready? A lot of people make threads they day they get their first fingerboard mold. Please be patient. Take your time to perfect whatever your product may be and don't post a thread before you reach a quality that sellable. There are plenty of threads for homemade stuff you can post in for feedback while perfecting your product.
- Website. If you have a website make sure that it looks professional and repressent your products well.


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About the Companies section *READ BEFORE YOU POST*

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