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 How to do casper-slides and darkslides

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How to do casper-slides and darkslides   Empty
PostSubject: How to do casper-slides and darkslides    How to do casper-slides and darkslides   EmptyFri Nov 02, 2018 9:58 am

i´ve seen that this site has everyday it´s visitors, so maybe it´s useful for someone.

first of all you´ll need a deck with a worn out riptape like this
How to do casper-slides and darkslides   _1010034

1. casper-slides: A:you can do it maybe with a half kickflip, but for me, this doesn´t work.
i ollie a littlebit higher than the obstacle is, into a manual. but before i land it, the index-finger pushes downward. then i enjoy the slide, and bring the board back with a shove-it motion. if you do the shove-it motion a littlebit harder, you can do a 360 flip out for extra style points wink  
if you land the manual first, and push after that downward into the casper, you are on the right track - now you´ll need just better timing. my axles are very soft and it worked, but harder ones could help in the beginning. p.s. i use the same technique for hospital flips, but please don´t tell it to anyone wink
B:another simple way to get a casperslide, is doing it out of a nollie: nollie very steeply, move the middlefinger away and let board fall over your forefinger and catch it with your middlefinger. very easy as well, fakie ollie sw-casperslide...
C: half-frontfootimpossible casperslide. it´sa littlebit harder than the nollie-casperslide, but not much: ollie a littlebit higher than the obstacle is, at the highest point "throw" the nose down (strongly) like if you want to land an un-smooth nosemanual and at the same time bring your middlefinger out of the way, let the board rotate a half and catch it again with your middlefinger. slide and be happy about your new way to do casperslides!

2. darkslide: you can do it with a half kickflip, which is backside easier or heelflip, which works  frontside better. i prefer the heelflip-way because it feels so smooth, and it´s easier for me. if you´ll try heelflips, but your board is doing a varial-heel motion every single time, don´t cry wink , you´ll learn it, and for this trick it´s  a good thing (otherwise for those who can do proper heelflips - make a half fs heel onto the rail). so flip it halfway or 1x and a half (then you´ll have a heelflip darkslide - congratulation happy )  slide and relax. at the end of the rail push the board simply a littlebit forward, and the rest of your riptape should make it flip back (forward of course)

that´s  all for now, have a nice day happy

sorry for my bad english jocolor

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How to do casper-slides and darkslides

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