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 How i do the Switch (late?) BS Pop-shuveit

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How i do the Switch (late?) BS Pop-shuveit Empty
PostSubject: How i do the Switch (late?) BS Pop-shuveit   How i do the Switch (late?) BS Pop-shuveit EmptyTue Apr 16, 2019 10:38 pm

One thing, i really love in fingerboarding is when a trick comes naturaly by itself.
I learned fs Pop-shuveits by trying to learn the kickflip. Now i was able to get the same experience 2 times again while learning the Switch Heelflip.
first i have my focus on a big Pop (straight downward) to do a big Switch Ollie. When the board comes up, after leveling it out (board is parallel to the ground) i push my middle finger away from me and a littlebit downwards like i did at first while learning the Heelflip. But what is that? The board makes a Switch BS Pop-shuveit motion. Nice! After that i worked a littlebit on pushing the index finger a littlebit to me while pushing the middlefinger forward and spreading the fingers to give the trick a better look. After mastering this i came to think what about Switch bs 180s. First try, no problem!

i hope this is helpful for someone.

sorry for my bad english jocolor
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How i do the Switch (late?) BS Pop-shuveit

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