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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyThu Apr 21, 2011 10:50 pm

Welcome to FBHQ! Based in the UK, we're a worldwide fingerboard community that pride ourselves on being friendly, helpful, and a lot more relaxed and open than other forums out there. Not to say we're better, its just a different attitude around here. We seem to be getting bigger and bigger all the time, so here are how things work around here.

1 ) Don't be pointlessly negative. Non constructive criticism will get you nothing short of a warning from a member of staff. Insulting others is not tolerated. If you want to argue, bitch, moan, etc, then, well, go somewhere else and do it. This also means no flaming, no bullying people due to religion/race/sex/anything like that. Just be friendly, act how you want to be treated yourself.
2 ) Don't double post, i.e. if you post once, don't post again. Use multiple quote and/or edit your post.
3 ) LOOK AT THE DATE OF A TOPIC BEFORE YOU POST! If something is more than 2+ weeks old, GENERALLY, don't post. It means its an old topic and we don't want it brought back, it just makes things lame for everyone here, and that doesn't make you popular if you 'bumped' it. There are exceptions but they're hard to think off of hand, and generally, follow that rule.
4 ) No spam! Obviously a bit of a joke is fine and we're not going to have a go at you for doing something occasionally, but please keep it down and within reason. This also means don't spam smilies/emoticons. They may be there, but don't use them in a row. Also, no threads/thread titles entirely in capital letters.
5 ) Please refrain from posting things that are inappropriate - for example discussion of drugs/alcohol. There are younger people here and honestly if you want to brag about that, just go do it with your friends. We personally think its dumb here.
6 ) The trade section is there for everyone, but make it better by checking to see if there are any recent (ca 3 weeks) threads with people selling/trading what you're looking for before making a thread. Also, if you're selling/trading more than one thing, make one post for all of them, not one post for each item.
7 ) Don't just come here looking for sponsorship + getting people to sub your youtube account. This is a community, and there is a LOT more to fingerboarding than subs and sponsors. Just enjoy it, and you'll find the community here is awesome.
8 ) For trade/sale threads, make sure you post a picture of what you're trading/selling. You've got 24hrs from when you post it to put pictures up or it'll be locked, but it'll be more helpful for everyone if you just post pictures right away.
9 ) When it comes to having avatars and signatures, they're great fun and allow you to show off pictures. But keep them within the rules! Signatures should be no wider than 700px and no taller than 250px per picture (lines of text are allowed as well). Avatars can be no wider than 150px and no taller than 200px. This helps keep the forum looking normal and tidy for everyone! Also, please refrain from posting images in either your signature or avatar that are offensive, or are an attack on another person, member or not.
10 ) If you have any questions, problems, or anything like that, PM a member of staff. Moderators have red names, and admins have black. We're always happy to help!
11 ) Enjoy yourself! Sounds cheesy, but, yea, if you don't have fun here it rubs off on everyone else. Help make this community even better!

NOTE - Although we run the community, no members of staff here are in any way liable for anything posted by members of the community. We try our best to stop anything bad happening, but if something bad happens, its the fault of who did it, not ours.

I hope you enjoy your stay at fingerboardhq, we're happy to have you happy
Kerry - Admin.

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